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Volunteer With Us

Get involved with The International Boxing Academy of Nashville to help provide youth with an outlet that is safe, positive, and inviting in hopes to reduce and even curtail youth violence and bullying. It truly takes a village to raise a child, our villages have been broken, we need positive mentors to help reshape, rebuild and restore our youth and communities.


Volunteer Coach 

Being a volunteer coach, you are the first person to see the child in our organization and you will help walk them through our fundamentals of boxing program. No prior experience in coaching boxing necessary, but must attend two-four sessions of volunteer training, depending on past experience. Please fill out the form below if interested. 



Hit The Books (Tutoring Services)

All of our students receive daily academic support as needed. To apply for the tutoring position, look at the following document for a job description and requirements and fill out the form below.




On any given day there will be a need for volunteers to assist IBAN in accomplishing it's goal. We are in need of individuals who will serve in any capacity from helping keep the gym clean, watching the front desk, tours, and much more. If you are interested in serving in any capacity in the gym please fill out the form below. 



Adult Mentor

We have two programs for the parents of our young clients titled MOMS of IBAN and DADS of IBAN, we recognize the parents of our youth need support as well, and if our parents have access to the things they need mentally, physically and emotionally as well, then our youth will have better chances at being even more successful. Our adult mentors will help to facilitate group discussion, outings with just parents, and outings with the entire family and groups. The commitment is once a week and sometimes on the weekend, depending on needs. Please fill out the form below if interested. 


Volunteer Application Form

Give us a hand & start making a difference

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