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Boxing Fundamentals

Our youth boxing program is inspired by the Sweet Science of Boxing, which is executed through a ten-point system that helps our youth work on their critical thinking skills, strategies for success, building their strengths, using their senses responsibly, respect, emotional health, physical health, and building their confidence.



Knockout Violence/Knockout Bullying


The Knockout Violence and Knockout Bullying program is a violence intervention program that seeks to eliminate bullying and violence in schools, with the hope of it rippling into our communities through our youth. 


Our mentors spend 6 weeks in schools with a group of students mentoring them through the issues they deal with within schools, such as bullying and other forms of violence. Through this program, students learn to overcome their lack of confidence, use communication as a means to protect themselves, and circumvent the possibility of becoming a “victim”, which may lead to them using anger and humiliation against others



Triangles of Life

IBAN utilizes the services and resources from The Triangles of Life Institute to administer our educational and life enhancement program that focuses on strengthening the mind, body, and spirit of our youth.


Urban Community Investigators

Our Urban Community Investigators are dedicated to monitor and patrol high crime areas to prevent further violence. Our investigators identify kids that may be vulnerable and need to be plugged into community support. 

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